What are the advantages of Invisalign?

When it comes to straightening teeth, there is a debate as to which treatment is better: traditional metal braces or using the pliable and more comfortable Invisalign Reston method. Although the end results are the same –straight and even teeth– when you actually compare the two, the advantages of using the Invisalign method is quite apparent compared to other types of teeth straightening methods. If you know the pros and cons of the two most used methods, traditional metal braces versus Invisalign of Reston, then you can make a much more informed choice as to which teeth straightening method works best for you or your teenager.

One of the most important aspects of the advantages of choosing the Invisalign Reston method is that the aligners are designed to disrupt everyday life as little as possible for those dental patients who wear them. Since the method is so effective, not only does it accomplish the goal of straightening the wearers teeth faster, this also means that orthodontic patients who choose the Invisalign Reston method spend less time in the dentist’s chair during the course of their treatment.

The fact that not only is the Invisalign Reston method so effective and works so much more quickly than traditional braces is probably one of the primary reasons more people who need their teeth straightened are beginning to choose this method. Since the aligners are made of discreetly thin transparent plastic, they are barely visible when being worn. This makes the Invisalign Reston aligners a huge contrast with the more conventional method of braces. Another reason that the Invisalign Reston aligners are so popular and effective besides the low visibility when being worn is that they can be removed for eating and teeth cleaning; whereas traditional bracket braces cannot be taken off. This means that unlike traditional braces that limit what the wearer can eat because of the probability of food getting stuck around the wires and elastic bands, when you wear Invisalign Reston aligners, you can remove them and eat whatever you want to.

Also with conventional bracket braces, you have to visit the orthodontist or dentist on a regular basis so that the braces can be tightened and adjusted in order to be sure they are still moving the teeth effectively. Not only are they uncomfortable, but also expensive and inconvenient. If you are using the more advanced Invisalign Reston aligner method, not only are they more comfortable, but you don’t have to get them adjusted on a regular basis. When your teeth need more pressure exerted on your teeth, you simply move to the next level of aligner that has been pre-made and pre-measured. Invisalign Reston aligners are easier to maintain because of this, since you don’t have to go back to have them adjusted every time.

The conclusion is that using the Invisalign Reston aligner method is much better than conventional wire bracket braces for straightening and strengthening teeth; they are less costly, comfortable and easier to maintain.

Whether you need your teeth or your teenager’s teeth straightened, consider the advantages of invisalign Reston aligners. You can find out more from websites like Nhdcsmiles.com



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