Dental Implants in Long Island Keep Jaws Strong and Dentures Secure

by | Nov 27, 2015 | Dentistry

People who lose their teeth will notice that their face starts to change shape in a few years. This is because the jaw shrinks when there is no tooth root to support. Even if the dentist fills the space with a permanent bridge, the jawbone will continue to lose mass. dental implants in Long Island can prevent this from happening because they replace the natural tooth root. A dental implant is a small titanium cylinder that is inserted into the jaw. Titanium is the same metal that is commonly used to replace hips and knees and there is very little chance that a person’s body will reject it.

The dentist begins by evaluating the patient’s jaw to ensure that it is able to support Dental implants in Long Island. If there isn’t enough jawbone to accommodate a dental implant, an oral surgeon can perform a bone graft to augment the bone. It can take a few months for the jaw to heal after this procedure. The dentist then takes a detailed x-ray to locate any nearby tooth roots and nerves. Once the best location for implant has been identified, the dentist inserts it deep into the jaw and covers it with tissue. Over the next few months, it is fully incorporated into the jaw. The next step is to attach a gold post to it. This protrudes above the gum line and is used to attach to a porcelain dental crown. When the process is complete, the dental implant and crown will act as a natural tooth. The patient can care for it just as they would any other tooth.

Dental implants also make the life of denture wearers much easier. Patients often complain to dentists about their dentures coming loose while they are speaking or eating in public. Of course, this is a very embarrassing situation. Several dental implants can be used to attach to the base of the dentures. Instead of fitting the dental implant with a dental crown, it is topped with a smooth metal ball. This ball fits into a slot in the dentures. Each morning the denture wearer takes clean dentures and snaps them securely into place. They can be confident that the dentures will not slip at any time.

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