What Can Patients Expect From Sedation Dentistry in Wichita KS?

by | Nov 30, 2015 | Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry in Wichita KS has allowed thousands of people to receive the dental care they desperately need but were too afraid to seek. Those who have dental anxiety have often had a bad dental office experience in the past and are now afraid to seek care. This fear can lead a person to neglect their dental health and end up suffering from invasive diseases of the oral cavity. With sedation dentistry, a patient no longer has to feel overly afraid of the dentist or the services they need carrying out since they can be comfortably sedated.

A sedation dentist, often referred to as a gentle dentist, is one that specializes in working with patients who have dental anxiety. Some people cannot even have their teeth cleaned without experiencing major panic attacks. To find out how a sedation dentist can help these patients, one first needs to schedule a consultation to speak with the dentist. It is important a person is prepared to be able to provide information on their health, medications they take, past dental experiences, and their level of anxiety. All of this information will prove beneficial in helping the dentist formulate a treatment plan that will allow the patient to receive the care they need.

The goal of Sedation Dentistry in Wichita KS is to keep a patient as calm as possible so they can safely undergo the dental procedures that are crucial for their oral health. There are different levels of sedation a dentist can offer:

 *     Mild sedation (The patient remains awake yet feels calm.)

 *     Moderate sedation (The patient may fall asleep during the procedure but is easily roused.)

 *     Complete sedation (The patient is placed under general anesthesia and is not awake.)

The type of sedation a patient will receive will depend on the type of dental work they are having carried out and their level of dental anxiety. Those who would like to learn more about these services should Click here and visit Driseman.com right away. They are the dental professionals people can rely on to ensure their anxiety is respected and properly treated. Call them today for your appointment.

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