Dental Implants Phillipsburg: Are they the Right Solution for You?

by | Feb 25, 2014 | Dental

Dental Implants Services in Phillipsburg were first introduced in 1952 by Per-Ingvar Branemark a Swedish orthopedic surgeon. If you have missing teeth, dental implants have begun to be considered a standard of care. A dental implant is surgically implanted into a person’s jaw, creating a permanent replacement for the root of a missing tooth, creating a long term solution.

When a dental implant is fused to a patient’s jawbone, it is the closest method of recreating the natural tooth, due to the fact that it stands completely on its own, without affecting any of the adjacent teeth. The implant also has a great deal of stability, making it even more beneficial to patients that may have less than perfect oral health.

When is a Dental Implant Needed?

Dental Implants Phillipsburg are able to be used for the replacement for only one tooth or multiple teeth. The ultimate goal of a dental implant is to help and restore the aesthetics and function of a person’s natural teeth.

There are three primary options when it comes to tooth replacement, which include a dental implant, a dental bridge or a removable type of dental appliance. When you begin to consider the various options that are available, the following factors must be considered: the actual location of the tooth or teeth that are missing; the quality and quantity of the jawbone where a dental implant will be applied; the overall health of the patient; the affordability of the procedure and the preference of the actual patient.

Your dentist will examine the area that is being considered for an implant and make an assessment on whether or not the patient is an ideal candidate for the dental implant procedure.

There are a number of benefits and advantages that come along with a dental implant over other options. The fact is that a dental implant is a permanent, solid and stable replacement for missing teeth that act, function and appear to by natural teeth. When cared for properly they can last for the lifetime of the patient, which will ensure proper function of the teeth for patients requiring dental implants.


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