Dentures in Plano TX Can Restore a Person’s Smile

There are many reasons why teeth wear down or need to be replaced during a person’s lifetime. An injury, illness or even an accident can cause teeth to weaken or fall out. Periodontal disease, commonly referred to as gum disease, often plays a big part in the loss of teeth. In fact, it’s responsible for about 70% of all adult tooth loss. Once a tooth has fallen out, the surrounding teeth can begin to shift, and facial muscles in the area may begin to sag. In order to correct this problem, a dentist may prescribe dentures to restore a person’s smile. Dentures in Plano TX fill in the void spaces when natural teeth are no longer able to.

Dentures look and act like real teeth. Once in place, they can improve a person’s self-esteem and smile. Most dentures are removable. They consist of a base that’s made out of plastic or acrylic, which is attached to either porcelain or plastic false teeth. Depending on how much tooth loss a patient has, he will be given either partial or complete dentures.

Partial dentures are used when one or more of the original teeth still remain in a patient’s mouth. These remaining teeth are used as anchors to help secure the partial dentures in place when being worn. A partial denture can be either precision (removable) or fixed (permanent). When precision dentures are used, they are taken in and out for cleaning and care.

Fixed dentures remain in a patient’s mouth and are cemented in place. They are attached to crowns that are placed over the teeth on either side of the original gap. The crowns provide stability and strength to hold the dentures in place. When no teeth are remaining, a patient will be given a set complete dentures.

Complete dentures can be made as immediate dentures or conventional dentures. Immediate dentures are fitted to a person’s mouth as soon as the patient’s natural teeth are removed. They are temporary and are only used for 2-3 months, until the gums heal, and the jaw finishes shrinking. Then, complete dentures are fitted to the patient’s mouth for everyday use.

Innate Dental Solutions is what dentures are all about. Dentures in Plano TX fill in gaps left by missing teeth and make it possible for a person to eat whatever he loves. They also improve a person’s speech, since clarity is compromised when teeth are missing.


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