Reasons Why Your Dentist Worries About Your Child’s Nutrition

by | Nov 23, 2020 | Dental

When you visit your child’s doctor, you expect them to ask questions about the way your child eats. But, you may get caught off guard to hear concern from your dentist. Although you know the importance of habits like brushing and flossing, dietary habits are also impactful. These are the reasons your dentist may worry about your child’s nutrition.

Bacteria on Teeth

When your child eats raw, crunchy fruits and vegetables, they help remove bacteria that stick to the outside of their teeth. Apples and carrots are a filling snack that benefits their smile as well. Also, you can keep teeth clean by nibbling on pieces with high water content like celery, cucumbers, pears, and melon. Getting your child used to these foods now will make it easier to maintain healthy choices later.

Weakened Teeth

Kids dentist in Naperville hates to see signs of weakened teeth like brown spots or swollen gums. This concern is the reason they promote food and drink loaded with calcium. Your child gets calcium in yogurt, low-fat cheese, and skim milk, which results in stronger teeth. Also, not only is cheese gooey and delicious, but it lingers in the mouth to promote saliva flow and tooth protection. A kid’s dentist in Naperville wants more of this in your child’s diet, so they enjoy good oral health throughout their life.

Kids’ dentist in Naperville can be a tremendous resource in fostering healthy habits for your children. For more information, contact Naperville Commons Dental at

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