Do Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Jackson NJ Include Bridgework?

Bridges are made to cover a single tooth, mainly for reasons of protection and for an aesthetic improvement of the damaged tooth. The bridge is used to replace several teeth located side by side. This type of dental treatment is made of durable reconstruction materials that are designed to act and look like normal teeth. What does this mean exactly? For starters, people cannot tell the difference between a tooth that has undergone dental reconstruction and the natural tooth. Cosmetic dentistry in Jackson NJ should never be taken lightly, which means it would be a good idea to talk to a dental professional in detail.

The crown can be made of several materials: complete ceramic, zirconia, metal ceramic or plastic, which is the basic raw material of temporary bridges. It often happens that a patient’s tooth is broken to the point a dental restoration will not help. In this case, it is always possible to keep the roots of the tooth with the help of an artificial trunk. This makes it possible to fix the bridge even in the case of severely damaged or destroyed teeth.

A porcelain bridge is a type of dental reconstruction which is entirely designed without metal. This reconstitution is equal to the highest aesthetic expectations, mainly because it strongly resembles the person’s original teeth. As an added bonus, it can also be used in patients who are allergic to metals. The one major disadvantage of having porcelain reconstruction work done is that its lack of flexibility does not allow it to be used in the construction of a bridge. It is for this reason that porcelain is only used when placing separate bridges.

A bridge made from zirconia is currently the most modern solution for the most natural dental reconstructions. Zirconia dioxide is entirely metal-free and aesthetically pleasing for most people, simply due to this option being completely natural. These types of Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Jackson NJ are made with the most precise digital technology available in dentistry (thousand millimeters up close), so precision and comfort are guaranteed. For more details, contact Sun Dental today.

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