Does Your Dental Center Serving Macon, GA Treat These Emergency Conditions?

by | Aug 22, 2019 | Dental, Dentist

Although dental emergencies are by nature on the rare side, sometimes they cannot be avoided. It is important to understand the types of dental emergencies that require urgent care. You can receive these urgent services at an experienced dental center. Macon, GA residents can get the treatment and expertise they need to alleviate urgent issues safely, quickly, and effectively through emergency dental treatment.

Some of the dental conditions that require urgent, immediate treatment include:

Persistent Toothaches
A common reason to access emergency dental care is for a persistent toothache. This can involve pain that is spontaneous and confined to a single area with the pain increasing when the patient bites on something. In this situation, an abscess can form which results in swelling of the face. In this type of dental emergency, you need immediate care to relieve the pain.

Fractured Teeth
An additional reason to obtain emergency care at a dental center is due to a fractured tooth. Immediate treatment to prevent pulpal infection is required on fractures that occur in permanent teeth, particularly those that reach into the teeth’s inner layers. It is important to get treatment from a dentist within 24 hours to prevent further complications.

Bleeding and Trauma
The services of an emergency dentist are required for trauma and bleeding. Commonly, if a tooth is dislodged to falls out, the socket of the tooth may bleed for several minutes and then eventually stop. However, the problem is that clots may dislodge and result in additional bleeding if the patient chews down on something hard. Dislodged teeth as a result of physical trauma can also lead to severe bleeding. A dentist offering emergency services will attempt to reduce and stop the bleeding by applying pressure on the area in question for approximately 15 to 30 minutes.

Post Tooth Extraction Pain
Situations involving complications after dental surgery may also require emergency care. Post-extraction pain is one such situation. Normally there is some discomfort after an extraction is performed, but it often dissipates after a few hours. However, if the pain persists and pain medication does not work, you may need an emergency dentist at your dental center to check other possible problems such as a jaw fracture or dry socket.

Urgent dental care is sometimes needed because of lost dental fillings as well. This issue can create problems such as debris or food getting stuck in the teeth which can lead to infection and pain.

It is important to find a dental center in your area that provides emergency dental services before an actual emergency occurs.

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