Factors Likely to Influence Teeth Whitening in Cape May

by | Jun 19, 2014 | Dental Services

Results of Teeth Whitening in Cape May will vary significantly from one individual to another due to certain factors. While some factors are controllable, others are not. The results observed will vary from system to system making it harder to issue claims satisfying conditions of all the individuals looking for a whiter smile. Some of the basic factors that influence the whitening process are listed below.

Original color of teeth

Research has shown that individuals with a yellowish hue are likely to exhibit a greater response than those with brown or gray teeth. Graying of the teeth is caused by exposure to medications like antibiotics and tetracycline. Browning is often a sign of excess intake of fluorosis (fluoride).

The concentration of the whitening agent

If your Teeth Whitening Dentist applies a higher concentration of the whitening agent, you will see the results faster. However, higher concentrations have a marked effect on sensitivity. Dentists will most often determine whitening agent percentage based on:

  Your teeth sensitivity
  If you have root surfaces exposed
*   Delivery system chosen
*   The period within which you would like to see results

While over-the-counter solutions have lower whitening agent percentage, in-office solutions provide higher percentages.


The system used by your Dentist for Teeth Whitening in Cape May also affects the process. Your dentist is expected to use the system as directed to minimize the risk. One way he or she will do this includes using neutral PH range agents. Neutral range agents are safer to use and help reduce sensitivity.

Oral habits

Your personal oral habits significantly influence the whitening process. Before you go for any whitening treatment, it is advisable that you have thorough knowledge of basic brushing and flossing. Following a strict oral hygiene program will help keep your smile brighter longer.


The duration of time the whitening agent is in contact with the tooth surface is determined by the ratio of the active agent. Every system involves a different time-line, and it should be followed accordingly.

Things to Avoid

Avoid drinks and foods that are acidic or dark in color like chocolate, sodas, coffee, tea, chewing tobacco and smoking. Keep away from oral home care products containing colors/dyes, alcohol or have high acidity or abrasion.

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