Facts about Teeth Whitening in Haddon Township

by | Oct 28, 2014 | Dental care

Before and after Teeth Whitening in Haddon Township, dentists assess whether your tooth enamel is suitable for the treatment, and whether other treatments are necessary for best results. Professionals do not begin treatment if your teeth are not suitable for bleaching. There are cases where dentists may decide your oral health is not up to standards, so they will make the necessary adjustments first. In other cases, they may decide that other treatments are best.

Before your treatment:

     *     Dentists decide it may be a bad idea to perform Teeth Whitening in Haddon Township.

     *     They polish your teeth.

     *     Professionals take impressions of your teeth and produce a set of individual mouth trays that fit your teeth while you are at the clinic.

     *     They apply bleaching gel in the tray and place it on the teeth.

     *     You will receive oral and written instructions on the use of trays and gel.

     *     You may follow-up with treatment in your own home, for two hours a day and about 14 days.

After your treatment:

Here are some of the questions dentists received regarding teeth whitening Township along with the answers.

How white will my teeth get?

It will always be depending on the individual. The teeth will be no whiter than what they were earlier in life. The results will depend on the tooth color you were born with and the amount of colored food items that you have consumed. Teeth whitening does not color the teeth, to be clear. The treatment reduces the stains (dyes), which over time have penetrated into the teeth.

Can fillings and crowns bleach?

Only tooth enamel can be bleached. That is, fillings, crowns and exposed tooth necks do not become lighter. Dark discoloration as a result of previous tooth decay does not bleach, but you can choose to later remove them and put composite fillings in instead.

When can whitening be repeated?

Dentists do not recommend that you undergo Teeth Whitening in Haddon Township very frequently. You can choose to whiten your teeth every so often, but it will usually not be necessary in the first 2-3 years. Contact Cherry Hill Family Dental PA for more information.

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