Root Canals and an Emergency Dentist in Rio Grande

The need for a root canal usually occurs in connection with a hole in a tooth (decay), which occurs when bacteria enters the tooth and causes inflammation of the nerve. Dental nerves are located inside the root canal in the center of the tooth root. Pain from sensitive tooth necks or cracked teeth can sometimes only be removed by that a root canal. A root canal may be necessary if there has previously been a deep hole in the tooth located close to the nerve or if the tooth has been exposed to trauma. An Emergency Dentist in Rio Grande can perform any of these procedures.

In turn, this is treated with a crown as the tooth nerve rarely perishes, and bacteria may subsequently invade the dead tissue. So it is bacteria and their waste products which introduces chronic inflammation to the tooth nerve. A root canal with the removal of the dental nerve is necessary, otherwise the bacterial waste products spread in the tooth and develop further complications. An Emergency Dentist in Rio Grande may perform a root canal treatment to remove live, inflamed or dead bacterium-filled nerve.

Inflammation in the nerve can cause toothaches. The pain is perceived differently from person to person. Toothaches may feel like pain in the adjacent teeth, ear, maxillary sinus or it can be perceived as a headache. It can sometimes be difficult to find the diseased tooth. Neuritis typically produces pain by cold and heat. A root canal, on the other hand, usually generates little to no discomfort. There is perhaps a little soreness when chewing, but this goes away. Root canals are needed if you are to have cosmetic dentistry procedures performed.

Unlike neuritis, a root canal can sometimes develop into a painful tooth abscess, perhaps with fever development. If dental treatment is not immediately implemented, it may be necessary to supplement with some painkillers and antibiotics (penicillin or other). Antibiotic removes dead, bacteria-filled tooth nerves, and it is therefore important to understand that the antibiotic does not replace an actual root canal. In cases where a tooth nerve is alive at the start of treatment, one must use a local anesthetic. After the treatment, the patient is virtually pain-free. Contact your local emergency dentist for more information.




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