Gentle Dental Care for Kids

When it is time for your child to see a kids dentist in Highland Park, we are the right choice. Our pediatric dental practice is set up with children in mind. Our seating, waiting areas, patient care areas and equipment are all sized for children. The waiting area is comfortable and includes books and fun things to keep your child busy, making it ideal if you are having more than one child get a check-up on the same day.

We offer a full range of children’s dental care services. The American Dental Association recommends that your child get their first dental check-up at six months of age. This is around the time when most infants start to get their first tooth. Check-ups should continue at an interval of every six months. Some children are prone to tooth decay and might need cleanings every three or four months.

Our practice also accepts children with disabilities. Kids with developmental or medical disabilities may also need more frequent cleanings. Some disabilities cause difficulty with tooth brushing. Medications used to control the symptoms of a child’s medical condition may also increase a child’s risk of tooth decay, necessitating more frequent cleanings and preventive care.

When you are looking for a kids dentist in Highland Park, contact us at North Suburban Dental. Our hygienists can teach you and your child how to properly brush and floss teeth. Your child will also learn about healthy food and beverage choices so they can make good choices for their oral health. We ease your child’s fears and explain everything that we are doing to help your child feel comfortable with oral hygiene and dental care. Contact us today by phone or visit us online at to learn more about our pediatric dental practice.


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