Practitioners of General Dentistry in California MD May Have Different Treatment Styles

Sometimes a dentist acquires a new patient when this person is skeptical of a diagnosis by a different dentist. A man or woman who has rarely had cavities or other problems with the teeth may be suspicious if a dentist finds two or three areas of tooth decay, even if this patient has not had a dental exam in a few years. Seeking a second opinion from a practitioner of General Dentistry in California MD makes sense.

Wait-and-See vs. Full Proactive Treatment

There actually may be a few tiny areas of decay, but many dentists choose to take a wait-and-see view for these cavities. Often, the tiniest cavities never get any bigger. Experienced practitioners of General Dentistry in California MD typically know when a cavity is at more significant risk of growing and spreading to other teeth. The first dentist may simply believe that proactive measures are always best.

Now, the patient can decide which of these practitioners he or she feels more comfortable with. Those who prefer full preventive treatment can return to the first dentist or ask this one to go ahead and fill the cavities, if the dentist is willing. If the wait-and-see attitude seems more reasonable, the patient can start setting twice-yearly appointments with this particular practitioner for dental exams and professional teeth cleaning.

Additional Services

When a patient has found a dentist that inspires confidence in the service, this person may start to request additional services. Examples include teeth whitening and straightening with invisible braces. Improvements to the smile can be rejuvenating and boost the person’s feeling of attractiveness.

Dental Care for the Family

The patient might decide to bring the kids to a dentist like Louis B. Sachs too, after discovering that this type of dentist provides services for the entire family. Children are more susceptible to cavities than adults are, so youngsters definitely need regular appointments to make sure their teeth are healthy. Cavities can be prevented with dental sealants on top of the molars, where problems are most likely to start. Fluoride treatments are beneficial for some children. Click here to learn information about this particular practitioner.


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