Get Cleaner, Brighter and Straighter Teeth With Aligners

You might have thought about getting braces to straighten your teeth for aesthetic reasons, which is good. However, you may not like the look of braces. You can always use Invisalign Chandler. Straight teeth look beautiful, but there are many other reasons to consider aligners to correct your smile.

Reduction of Oral Problems

When teeth are crooked or are off by bite, it can impact the way the mouth, sinuses and head feels. When your teeth are straight and your bite is correct, you’re less likely to suffer from sinus blockages, sinus pressure, jaw pain and headaches. At times, straightening teeth can help with certain speech impediments.

Cleaner and Whiter Teeth

Food is more likely to get caught in teeth when teeth are crowded or overlapped. It’s harder to brush and floss teeth that are not straight. This can lead to problems with cavities and other issues. It’s harder for dentists to perform root canals and other procedures when teeth are crowded or overlapped.

Gum Health

When teeth cannot be cleaned properly with brushing and flossing, gums tend to suffer. Food, plaque and tartar can affect the gums and what happens below the gums. People with crooked teeth are more likely to suffer from gingivitis and periodontitis.

With the use of Invisalign Chandler, you can straighten your teeth a little at a time without having something permanently attached to your teeth. No one has to know but you. Call Arizona Family Dental today to get your set.


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