Interesting Facts About Sedation Dentistry in Topeka Kansas

You may be considering sedation dentistry for your next dentist’s visit, but you don’t know that much about it. Sedation dentistry is an option for people who are afraid of going to the dentist. In general, it offers less invasive options then general anesthesia, and people can recover from it a lot more quickly. If you’re looking for sedation dentistry in Topeka KS, the following information can help.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

There are two basic types of sedation dentistry. Oral sedation is prescription medications that’s given to you orally. You take it prior to your visit, and it will help you feel relaxed and calm while you remain awake during your procedure. There are no needles, and it’s very cost-effective compared to other sedation methods. IV conscious sedation is sedation that is administered to you via IV. It puts you into a light sleep so that you don’t feel anything, and it’s administered by your dentist.

Works Quickly

One of the benefits of sedation dentistry is that it works very quickly. When you take IV sedation, it goes to work immediately. With oral sedation, it takes about half an hour to 45 minutes before the effects settle in. Check out if you have more questions about how quickly it works.


One of the great benefits of sedation dentistry is that it’s safe, especially when compared to general anesthesia. If you have IV sedation, it can be reversed immediately if necessariy. Each dose is tailored to your specific chemistry.

Check out if you’re looking for Sedation Dentistry in Topeka KS.


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