What is sedation dentistry?

Even with all the improvements in dentistry, there are still many people who are terrified of visiting a dentist; there are also those who have genuine problems with dealing with any pain. For these patients the dentist can recommend Sedation Dentistry In Phenix City, AL. There are a number of reasons why a dentist will turn to sedation dentistry, when he or she does; the patient is given medication that can do anything from promoting mild or deep relaxation all the way through inducing sleep during the time in the chair.

The mildest form of sedation dentistry is simply taking a mild sedative such as benzodiazepine before the appointment. This sedative simply calms the nerves and makes the dental visit a more comfortable experience. There are other patients however who need medications which make them far less conscious of what is going on around them.

The more aggressive forms of sedation dentistry in Phenix City, AL can include general anesthesia. When this happens, the patient may need help in maintaining the breathing process, general anesthesia is normally reserved for aggressive oral surgery. Between general anesthesia and a simple sedative, there are other levels of sedation available. These sedatives can be taken orally, through inhalation or intravenous administration. These forms of sedation will not cause sleep but they do mean that the patient is less aware of the surroundings and don’t pay much attention to what is happening during their appointment nor do they remember the experience once the treatment is concluded.

Many people see sedation dentistry as an ideal way to get them through a lengthy procedure without any tension, nervousness or pain. There are those who involuntarily jerk when they feel the slightest pain, sedation dentistry is also an excellent solution for these patients. For those who need to have a lot of work done on their teeth, such as the setting of crowns or root canals that can take some time, it helps both the patient and the dentist to do it all in one sitting if possible.

Do not be afraid of discussing any fears that you may have with your dentist, they are very much aware of this and they are much happier if the patient remains calm and has the best possible treatment under ideal conditions.


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