Getting Used to Dental implants in Long Island

by | Sep 23, 2015 | Dentistry

After discussing all the options with a dental professional, the patient opted to move forward with dental implants in Long Island. Now that they are in place, there is the matter of getting used to them. Fortunately, the process will not take long. Here are some things to expect along the way.

After the Dental implants in Long Island are in place, it is natural for a little soreness to occur. This is especially true in the days immediately following the process. For most patients, taking some type of over the counter medication to help with the pain and any swelling will be enough. Rest assured that the amount of time needed for the soreness to go away can be measured in days rather than weeks.
The Feel of the Implants

Once the caps are placed on the implants, it will take a little while to get used to the feel of them. The sensation is a lot like going without any teeth at all and suddenly having a whole new set. While getting used to the presence of the implants, it may be necessary to chew a little more deliberately and also speak a little slower. After a short time, it will begin to feel as if the implants have always been there and things will return to normal.

Getting Used to the Hygiene Strategy

For the most part, the dental hygiene process will be much like it was when the patient had real teeth. A few minor tweaks will be necessary. The dentist may recommend changing to a brush with softer bristles, and possibly urge the use of certain types of toothpaste products. Assuming the patient used floss on a regular basis, it will be necessary to eliminate that from the routine, or at least learn how to floss without letting the string rub against the gum.

Remember that the dental professional will be on hand to help the patient make it through the transitional period. Once the patient is used to the presence of the implants, things will shift from dealing with something new to getting the most benefit from the new set of circumstances.

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