Why Many People Prefer Sleep Dentistry in Garden City, NY

Many people find dental appointments to be very uncomfortable. A dentist is sticking their fingers and dental tools in someone’s mouth gives many people nightmares, especially if they need to have a serious procedure done. If someone is already afraid of the dentist, and they need a root canal or something else that could be painful done in their mouth, they are going to be very nervous about their appointment. However, instead of dealing with the trauma of experiencing the procedure, many offices offer sleep dentistry, so their patients don’t have to have a negative experience. Being asleep through any procedure is the easiest way for people to ensure they are getting quality dental care without being traumatized.

When considering sleep dentistry, it’s important to ask your dental care provider what options they have available. Some locations only offer laughing gas, which is not going to put someone completely to sleep, but will help them forget about the experience. Other locations offer total IV sedation, which will have someone completely asleep during the procedure. This option is best for people who need multiple root canals or are is going to have all of their wisdom teeth pulled.

These things can be very painful and traumatic if someone has never experienced anything like them before. There’s no reason to deal with the a painful procedure when these options are available. A dentist will also prescribe someone pain medications to help deal with the pain after the anesthesia wears off. Once the local anesthetic wears off, a patient’s mouth may feel like it’s throbbing, and it will cause them to be in unbearable pain.

Patients interested in Sleep Dentistry in Garden City, NY should make an appointment with Dr. Grossman. This dental care provider is one of the top choices in the area because he knows how to make his patients feel comfortable for any type of procedure. The last thing someone wants to experience is an unsympathetic dentist who doesn’t care whether their patients go through any pain or discomfort. Take advantage of sleep dentistry in Garden City, NY to ensure that any oral work you need is easy to deal with.


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