Had a Root Canal and Your Teeth Still Hurt? Contact Your General Dentistry in Pittsburgh

by | May 4, 2015 | Dental care

One of the most common questions that patients have after a root canal is why their teeth still hurt. The fact that you still have discomfort can be due to different causes. When your local General Dentistry Pittsburgh area performs a root canal, they are trying to achieve two main objectives; they remove all pulp tissue (blood vessels and nerve of the tooth), and then fill and seal the space left after cleaning the ducts where the nerves are housed. Continue reading to learn why your teeth may still be painful after endodontics.

Improperly cleaning the inside of a tooth can cause an infection after which pain and / or inflammation will manifest. This inability to properly disinfect the interior of the tooth may be due to anatomical issues, such as very pronounced curvatures or calcifications, which hamper access to the root zone. Likewise, if dentists do not have much space to seal the tooth, the open spaces will be easily colonized by bacteria. When any of the above situations occur, General Dentistry dentists will try to eliminate the issue with fillers. He or she will look to access the most inaccessible areas and carry out a thorough cleaning and disinfection. Such re-treatment will be allowed as long as the conditions permit it.

Another cause is the presence of cracks or fractures. This occurs because the endodontic tooth is much more susceptible to breakage due to a lack of blood supply. The way around this problem is to properly restore the tooth, either with reconstruction, a pin, a crown, etc. Sometimes when a tooth has a fracture, you must opt for extraction. Therefore, your General Dentistry in Highlands Ranch must ensure that they restore the piece and give it the strength necessary.

Finally, you must not forget that a tooth nerve can cause pain, as it is surrounded by other structures such as your gums or periodontal ligaments (ligament that attaches the tooth to the bone), which can cause discomfort if, for example, tooth are lodged between them. For more details, contact your local dentist today. Schedule a consult and make sure your oral health gets back on track.

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