Do You Need Dentures in Washington DC?

by | Apr 24, 2015 | Dental care

People who are missing teeth find it difficult to eat certain foods. Chewy and crunchy foods often become impossible to eat. Not only is eating an issue, but most people who are missing teeth feel self-conscious about their appearance. Though these issues can be overwhelming to deal with, there is help available from a dentist. With Dentures in Washington DC, a person’s smile can be restored so they can enjoy life again.

Unless a person is getting a partial, any remaining teeth they have in their mouth will need to be extracted. The extraction process ensures there will be no stray teeth getting in the way of the dentures. Once the teeth have been removed, impressions may be made of the upper and lower gums. Impressions provide the tool needed to create the dentures so they fit perfectly over the gums.

The dental lab is responsible for making a person’s dentures according to their measurements. It is important dentures fit perfectly or they will slide around in the mouth and may cause irritation in the gum tissue. When dentures fit correctly and are adhered with denture adhesive, there should be no plate movement during eating or talking.

Once the dentist has tested the dentures for fit, the patient will be fully instructed on caring for their dentures. A pair of dentures can last for as long as ten to twenty years as long as they are properly protected.

It is imperative people do not bite down on hard non-food items. Chewing on pencils, pens and other hard items can break dentures. A pair of dentures should always be stored carefully when not being worn so they do not become damaged.
When cleaning a pair of Dentures in Washington DC, only denture products should be used. Regular toothpaste and toothbrushes can cause scratches that allow for bacteria growth to occur. This can lead to foul odors.

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