How a Dentist in Dunellen Performs Teeth Whitening

by | Dec 24, 2013 | Dental Services

Teeth whitening has become a popular procedure. You can perform teeth whitening treatments at home, or you can visit a Dentist in Dunellen. The dentist will be able to use stronger agents for faster treatment and a whiter smile. The dentist will make sure the procedure is done properly. You won’t worry about accidentally harming your teeth or gums from an at-home kit. The process can several dentist visits.


Before any procedure can begin, the Cosmetic Dentist will check your teeth for cavities or cracks. Any infection must be treated before whitening. The doctor will perform any fillings, root canals, or repairs. The whitening agent will work it’s way into the cracks and infections of the tooth, causing pain and problems for you. That is why your tooth must be repaired first. Once your teeth are perfect, you will go through a thorough cleaning.


A Dentist in Dunellen will use either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to bleach the teeth. The bleaching agent can harm your gums. The dentist will spread a protective layer over your teeth and gums. This layer will prevent the bleaching agent from burning your gums, but does not affect the bleaching process. Click here to know more

Vital Bleaching

The dentist will apply the peroxide all over the teeth, front and back. This alone will bleach your teeth, but the dentist might choose to use a specialized light to speed up the process. The light makes the peroxide react faster. You will have to sit with the light on your teeth for up to 15 minutes. With the light, you would have to sit for more than an hour.

Non-vital Bleaching

A tooth that has had a root canal requires a different whitening procedure. The discoloration is found inside the tooth, but you can see it from the outside. The bleaching agent is applied inside the tooth. The tooth is covered with a temporary filling. You will have to wait several days for the tooth lighten and then the filling is removed.


The process is repeated as many times as necessary to reach the desired color of white. Heavily stained teeth will require more treatments and might not ever become pristine white. It is not possible to lighten crowns.
Visit your Dentist in Dunellen to find out more about teeth whitening and how it can help you.

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