Important Facts on Periodontal Care in Indianapolis IN

by | Aug 28, 2015 | Dentist

Gum health is a topic that is being focused on in dental offices across the country because more and more people are developing gum disease and losing their teeth. Though the earliest gum disease form can be easily treated and even entirely reversed, sadly, many people ignore the warning signs and do not seek periodontal care in Indianapolis IN. When gum disease is not treated, periodontal disease is the result. To prevent this disease from causing complete tooth loss, patients need to seek their dentist as soon as they begin noticing symptoms.

To provide Periodontal Care in Indianapolis IN, a dentist will first need to treat the massive infection that occurs in the gum tissue. As the condition progresses, pockets of infection begin to develop around the teeth. These pockets fill with infection and then pus is formed to help fight the bacteria. Unfortunately, the body’s processes of fighting the infection inadvertently attack the supporting structures of the teeth, so they become loosened.

Fighting against such a strong infection takes powerful antibiotics. These may need to be taken for several weeks until the gums begin to start healing. After this initial treatment, dentists will often perform gum surgery to help shrink the inflamed and swollen gum tissues. This treatment helps to tighten the gum tissue and allow it to heal, so it properly supports the teeth.

Periodontal treatment and care are often ongoing for most patients, especially those who have severe forms of the disease. It is crucial this condition is properly treated or the infection could spread to the heart and cause major complications in the cardiovascular system.

If people begin to notice, redness, irritation, swelling, bad breath, pus and bleeding or any other abnormal symptoms with their gums, they need to contact their dentist for prompt treatment so they will not experience tooth loss.

To learn more about periodontal treatment and what it entails, contact the office of Business Name to schedule an appointment. Through a consultation appointment, you can learn what treatment will need to be carried out to protect the health of your teeth and gums. Call the office today to get started.

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