Signs Dentures in Kona May be Needed

There is a common misconception that dentures are just for grandparents. However, the fact is, dentures can be necessary for virtually anyone if they don’t care for their natural teeth properly. While modern Dentures in Kona are more comfortable and able to perform much better than the ones used in the past, they are still a product that can be avoided if proper oral care is provided. Some signs that dentures are likely going to be needed are found here.

One of the most obvious signs a person may need dentures in the future is if they have advanced decay. A routine check-up will allow the dentist to find and treat issues before they can cause significant damage. If a dental disease does progress and requires tooth extractions, then Dentures in Kona may be in the immediate future for the patient.

Another sign that dentures may be beneficial is if the person already has missing teeth. There are a number of people who wear dentures because they are simply not happy with the way their teeth look, and the gaps cause embarrassment when they smile. Dentures can help to improve a less than perfect smile.

Dentures in Kona may also be necessary if the teeth are shifting or loose. Also, if the gaps between the teeth are becoming larger, then the person may also need dentures. These symptoms will often indicate the presence of bone loss that is related to the periodontal disease that has not be found or treated. If the bone loss becomes severe, then the loss of the teeth is likely inevitable.

Red, tender, bleeding and swollen gums are also another sign of an issue. If gum disease is treated aggressively, then the patient may be able to escape any permanent damage. However, if the disease continues to progress until teeth begin to fall out, dentures are likely going to be needed.

Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. offers additional information about signs that dentures may be needed. In most cases, patients can find out about other options as well, such as dental implants if dentures are not wanted. Take some time to consider proper dental care, which will help to prevent the need for dentures down the road.

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