Interested in Porcelain Crowns Las Vegas? Take a Look at the Facts First

by | Dec 6, 2013 | Dentistry

For teeth with major problems (decayed, broken, destroyed), dental crowns are the best in treatment solutions. Porcelain Crowns Las Vegas maintains the functionality of the teeth. It also provides the user with an aesthetic enhancement, correcting any issues to reproduce the original appearance of the tooth. The aim is to cover a tooth with problems using specifically designed, quality-made materials that remain over time.

A prosthetic crown is done for different reasons:

To return function and aesthetics to the tooth that may have been destroyed by decay, trauma and/or bruxism.

To restore function and aesthetics of a tooth that does not have the anatomy, structure or correct color.

What material are dental crowns made of?

Metal: Totally alloy (other metals combined). They are excellent in resistance and durability, but are aesthetically ugly unless you like silver or gold teeth.

Acrylic: There are different grades, but the best are those made by a dental professional through a mold of the patient’s mouth. Usually these types of crowns are “temporary.” crown.

Modified resins: They are very similar to acrylic, but with better properties. However, better properties mean more expensive.

Porcelain on alumina: Without a metal core, it is still an aesthetic crown similar to normal tooth color. With no metal involved, there will not be a “gray line”. They are more aesthetic than Porcelain Crowns in Las Vegas, but they are not as good in the setting with the tooth.

Porcelain on Zirconia: It has all the advantages of porcelain crowns on alumina, but it has a metal-like setting. These are more resistant than alumina and it can allow the dentist to make bridges. They are the most modern of crowns and are manufactured by an automated machine along with a computer. The only issue is that they are not great aesthetically because of their low translucency.

Lithium disilicate: These are fully porcelain and they are the best aesthetically. This benefit is due to its high translucency, giving it a very high similarity to dental enamel. These types of Porcelain Crowns Las Vegas are revered as the best in the business.

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