Know more about periodontal & gum therapy

Periodontal is a another name for treatment of diseases of the gum tissues, gums and the area around the teeth. There are two main diseases which are treated by periodontal & gum therapy, namely Gingivitis and Periodontitis . These are serious infections which can harm your periodontal and teeth. These infections if not quickly treated can cause a lot of trouble in the long run. Infections must be treated as soon as they are recognized to ensure freedom from relapses and recurrences. Periodontal & gum therapy is one of the most important dental treatment

Teeth and gums if not treated on time can result in teeth fall and bleeding gums.

 Look out for symptoms

 Recognizing the symptoms and seeking dental treatment is the key. Major symptoms can be

Bad Breathe, Gum irritation, redness and swelling, Bruised and bleeding gums after brushing, aches and uneasy gums, deformation of teeth and gums etc.

When ever such problems occur, you must ensure visiting your dentist. Periodontal & gum therapy can help you get rid of all these worries by treating infections.

These are some of the common problems faced by the people, but instead of ignoring such problems, you must get your teeth checked by your dentist. Delays will add to the agony and pain. If treatment is delayed, you might face undesirable side effects.

 Periodontal & gum therapy

 Professional periodontal & gum therapy involves cleaning and curing your gums from all the possible problems which bug you and your teeth from time to time. Experts make a through examination and prescribe you with the required treatment. There can be many reasons for infections, such as smoking habits, genetic problems, hygiene etc.

Gum Therapy

Gum Therapy


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