Types of Periodontal Gum Therapy

Periodontal Gum Therapy is not that big as it sounds. Many people get tensed when they listen to the word periodontal disease. When it comes to treating this disease there are many options like traditional gum therapy or Laser gum therapy.

In the traditional periodontal gum therapy scalpel is used to flap the gums back in order to expose the roots of the teeth and jaw bone. This allows the dentist to clean the roots, view the bone that supports the teeth, in case of defects bone is reshaped and bone grafts material are used. The gums are placed into their original position. It is also cut to achieve periodontal pocket to allow the patient to clean the gums effectively.

The laser gum therapies have no scalpels or sutures. The gums are not put behind the teeth or the bone. Instead the laser fiber is between the gums and teeth into periodontal pocket. It selectively separates the scar tissue lining the gums and kills the bacteria as well. The roots are cleaned using the ultrasonic devise. Laser is used again to seal around the cuff of the tooth. This allows the body to heal and regenerates the attachment of gum to the tooth.

The laser therapy takes about 24-48 hours. Traditional surgery takes 2-3 weeks. In laser therapy there is less pain and less chance of infection.
Both kind of treatment produce healthy gums. The difference is that traditional periodontal gum therapy removes the gum tissue to produce shallower periodontal pockets. In laser therapy the gum tissues are not removed, it helps in regenerating healthier gums.

Both the therapies are equally good. The choice of treatment is left completely to the patient. The sensitivity and cavity are minimized in both the scientific and affordable periodontal gum therapy.

Periodontal Gum Therapy

Periodontal Gum Therapy


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