Learn About The Invisalign System in Staten Island

Most kids and teenagers shudder and worry about needing braces, because it means having ugly metal glued to your teeth for many years. In some cases, it will also include special headgear that must also be worn for a long period of time. However, children, teenagers and adults alike can rest easier knowing that the Invisalign system is available in Staten Island. This type of system is a lot different than traditional brace-work and is a great alternative.

How It Works

Traditional metal braces use metal brackets and metal wires to adjust the teeth over many months or years. These braces also include ties that are changed every month. With the traditional system, you must visit the orthodontist every month or so to have the braces tightened, which can be painful and time-consuming.

However, with Invisalign in Staten Island, aligner trays are custom created to fit your teeth. They are made of clear plastic, have no wires and won’t need to be adjusted so frequently. However, you will likely have multiple aligners created and used over a period of time, so that the teeth can be moved slowly and carefully. This system can help with many issues, including under-bite, over-bite, tooth gaps, crowding and crooked teeth.

Why To Consider

The biggest reason to consider these braces is because they are nearly invisible to the naked eye. Nobody will be able to tell you are wearing braces unless you remove them or they are extremely close. For most teenagers and kids, this is the only reason to consider this option.

Another great reason to use this system is that there is little discomfort when wearing them. Traditional braces will require tightening to continuously move the teeth into the positions where they should be. This is usually uncomfortable or painful for the patient. However, sliding a clear custom-made plastic piece onto the teeth is a lot easier to do and is rarely ever painful.

Brushing and flossing the teeth is also much easier with this system than traditional brace-work because there are no wires or brackets. You simply slide the aligner off the teeth, brush and floss them as normal and replace the aligner. You may also need to rinse the aligner. In most cases, you will also remove the aligner to eat, so there is no worry that the aligner will become discolored.

If you are looking for the best Invisalign treatment in Staten Island, visit Brooklyn Orthodontics.


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