Why Denture Wearers Can Be Vulnerable to Oral Fungal Infections

For various reasons, denture wearers may develop an oral fungal infection. This can be uncomfortable and may seem embarrassing. They might hesitate to schedule an appointment with a dentist to solve the problem, worrying that their hygiene practices will be criticized. That’s especially true if they no longer live near the dental clinic where they received the dentures or that dentist has retired. Nevertheless, seeing a practitioner who provides and services dentures in Cary, IL, is advisable.

This infection is caused by too much Candida fungus growing in the mouth. Small numbers of the organism are normally found in the mouth, but harmless levels do not cause problems. It should be reassuring to learn that this kind of infection, medically known as oral thrush, is relatively common in denture wearers. A dentist provides effective treatment and offers suggestions for preventing the problem from occurring again.

People who smoke and also wear dentures in Cary, IL, are more prone to developing oral thrush. In nonsmokers, two behaviors are frequently connected with this condition. One is having a chronic dry mouth. Sipping water regularly could solve the problem. Otherwise, a dentist might prescribe medicine that stimulates saliva production. The other behavior is routinely keeping the dentures on the gums for more than 16 hours straight.

Improperly fitting dentures also can lead to an oral fungal infection. The fit may need to be adjusted because the gum structure gradually changes shape when teeth are missing. Denture wearers can schedule an appointment with Cary Dental Associates using contact details at https://www.carydentalassociates.com.


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