Missing a Tooth? A Dentist in Morris Plains Can Replace it with an Implant

by | Jul 15, 2013 | Dental Services

In 2009, over 800,000 people went to the emergency room because of painful toothaches. A better and less expensive option would have been to arrange a visit with a Dentist Morris Plains office. Most dentists treat emergencies immediately during the day. They allow patients who are in pain to walk into their offices and request help. The office managers are adept at finding space to help these people. Dentists help keep their services affordable by accepting most insurance programs and credit cards. If patients don’t have access to these options, dentists will often work out a payment plan.

Regular dental check-ups can find small problems, before they become painful and expensive to fix. The Dentist Morris Plains professional will clean the teeth and gumline areas to prevent cavities and periodontal disease. They also teach patients the best way to brush and floss. A dentist may also prescribe a powerful Fluoride toothpaste and anti-microbial mouthwash if they notice someone is prone to cavities or gum disease.

The best preventative care can’t prevent accidents from happening. People can easily trip and hit their mouth as they fall. The result can be a tooth that needs to be extracted. People can be depressed looking at a hole in their smile. They should make an appointment with a Dental implant dentist. She will insert a titanium screw into their jaw. Over several months the jaw will assimilate the implant into the bone. It will be as strong and stable as the original tooth root. Once the bonding is complete between the implant and the jaw, the dentist will attach a post to the implant.

A porcelain crown will be attached to the post. The Dentist Morris Plains dentist might take an impression and send it to the lab to make the porcelain crown. The patient will have to return for another visit to have the crown attached. She might also use a camera and take a digital photograph of the post. This information will be scanned into a computer, that will transmit it to a special milling machine that will make the porcelain crown within the hour. Whichever technique is used to make the crown, it will look so realistic that only a trained eye will notice it’s not an original tooth.

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