Need a Root Canal? See an Emergency Dentist in Middletown

No patient wants to hear that they might need a root canal from an Emergency Dentist in Middletown. However, he will reassure them that the process is painless. Most patients think that the procedure is painful because of the pain they experience before the root canal. Once the strong numbing agent is injected into their jaw, they might be pain free for the first time in hours. During a root canal, the General Dentist uses long, thin and flexible wires to clean out the tooth root. The patient usually feels just a little tugging and pushing. This pressure isn’t painful.

Once the root is cleaned out, the Emergency Dentist in Middletown inserts a long and narrow medicated temporary filling. This will help the area heal and prevents any additional infection. When the patient returns in about a week, the dentist will make sure that there is no sign of infection. Then, he will insert the permanent filling into the root.

In order to get to the lower portion of the tooth, a substantial part of the upper tooth is destroyed. That leaves a hollow and brittle shell that cannot be stabilized with a filling. Therefore, the patient is told that a dental crown is required. Normally a porcelain crown is used, but some people save money and have a metal crown put on a back tooth. Regardless of the choice, the tooth will provide many decades of normal use.

Sometimes, people want to avoid the expense of a root canal procedure and just have the tooth pulled out. The emergency dentist at Hazlet Family Dental will advise against this. Removing the tooth will eventually weaken the jawbone and might even cause the remaining teeth to shift. When the jaw doesn’t have a root to support, it looses mass and density. A root canal and crown is a good health investment. Dental offices take credit cards, as well as most forms of insurance. If a person speaks with them prior to the procedure, they may extend a monthly payment plan as well. Dentists know that it’s hard to plan financially for a dental emergency and they strive to help their patients afford the care they need.

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