Quality Jewish Family Dentistry Services — the Secrets to a Healthy Smile

by | Apr 6, 2015 | Dentist

Never underestimate the power of a smile. Your smile says a great deal about who you are and how you portray yourself. A healthy smile reflects confidence. That’s why you should only trust professionals to ensure that you and your family receive the quality dental care you deserve and require through every stage of life.

It Starts With the Tooth Fairy

From a young age, children are taught to take care of their teeth and are rewarded (emotionally and financially) as their teeth develop, baby teeth are lost and permanent teeth grow in. They are consistently reminded to brush and floss after each meal and before bedtime. A dental hygiene routine should start early so that it can be maintained for a lifetime. Regular dental checkups are also essential early on to ensure the proper development of strong teeth and healthy gums.

Select a Dentist With Care

There are several factors to consider when choosing Family Dentistry Chestnut Hill. Farmington Hills patients can rest assured that some of the best cosmetic and dental providers can be found in their neighborhood and are experts in all aspects of dental care — from fillings and crowns, to teeth whitening and Invisalign treatments. Choose a dental provider who offers the following:

* Comprehensive dental services for family members of all ages
* Experienced and caring staff who assist and inform
* Friendly, personalized service in a safe, comfortable, stress-free environment
* Up-to-date knowledge of the latest advances in technology and oral health findings
* Emergency services
* Cosmetic dentistry

A Relationship Built on Trust

An experienced Jewish Family Services Dentistry provider will check for cavities, periodontal disease and other issues and will monitor your oral health with every visit. Just as you trust and rely on the expertise of your family doctor, it’s imperative to find a dentist with whom every family member is comfortable. With so many dentistry services available, your teeth should reflect the quality of care you receive from a dentist you trust.

Your Smile is a Reflection of Your Oral Health

Select a Jewish Family Services Dentistry provider for the high-quality care they offer today, and the preventative care measures they encourage for the future.

Dr. Marc Dwoskin and Dr. Scott Owens at Dwoskin & Owens Cosmetic & Family Dentistry are experts in all aspects of dental care. They provide the Farmington Hills community with trusted service while adhering to the highest care standards.

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