Reasons To Take Your Child To A Pediatric Orthodontist In Fairfax VA

by | Nov 20, 2012 | Dentist

Most parents do not look forward to hearing their child’s dentist say that braces are in order. Orthodontic care can be expensive and time-consuming. Early orthodontic care and intervention by a pediatric orthodontist in Fairfax VA may help you save money and help your child go through less rigorous treatment. Following are some reasons why you may want to set up an appointment for your child to see a pediatric orthodontist.

There are three stages of pediatric orthodontic treatment. Stage one usually occurs around ages two to six. If problems are detected and treated at this age, there is a good possibility that future care will be unnecessary. Stage two happens from age six to twelve. This is also a time where children’s teeth respond positively to early orthodontic treatment. Stage three encompasses adolescence, a time when teeth require more intense orthodontic care to correct problems.

Children’s mouths take a long to time fully develop. Jaw bones and facial muscles are still growing. A pediatric orthodontist in Fairfax VA can diagnose potential orthodontic problems early and help correct them before they happen. Since children’s teeth are still pliable, it is easier for a pediatric orthodontist to help guide your child’s permanent teeth into the proper position at a younger age than when they are older and their teeth and jaws are fully developed. Early orthodontic intervention can make later care unnecessary, saving you a lot of time and money.

If your child does end up needing braces, getting them as early as possible can help your child have greater confidence. Adolescence is already a difficult time of life. Your child is learning where she fits in society, which can cause a lot of questions and upheaval. Teasing and bullying are a concern in middle school when children are still trying to figure out who they are. Getting braces sooner than later allows adolescents to have one less thing to worry about during a time that is full of change and transition. Your child’s pediatric orthodontist in Fairfax VA will help you determine the earliest age your child can get braces.

Correcting teeth that have grown in crooked can help with your child’s oral health. Crooked teeth are difficult to care for. It is sometimes hard to brush crooked teeth properly. Your child’s tooth brush may not be able to reach the entire tooth. As a result, your child may get more cavities. Having early orthodontic intervention by your child’s pediatric orthodontist in Fairfax VA can help your child maintain healthy teeth.

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