Services Offered by an Emergency Dentist in Pomona

by | Aug 5, 2013 | Dental Services

An Emergency Dentist in Pomona will offer many services to those who need them quickly. Oftentimes, people can not sit around and wait for an appointment. They need to get in to see someone fast to take care of the problem they are experiencing. That is why their is an emergency dentist who will be able to see patients much quicker than a regular dentist would. They offer valuable services to the community.

Chipped Teeth: When someone gets a chipped tooth, they often would rather go in to the dentist and get it taken care of right away instead of waiting. The dentist will use special tools to file the chipped spot and place a white filling over it. They may also bond the tooth back together or make a mold to bond if there is a high amount of damage that a small filling can not fix.

Dental Implants: When someone has an entire tooth that needs to be replaced, they can be given a dental implant. This implant will resemble a tooth, being put in the spot where the real tooth formerly was. They will feel just like the real tooth did. The tooth roots implanted will grow and fuse, meaning the implants will be just like regular teeth and remain permanently in the mouth.

Injuries: Whenever a child or an adult has an unexpected injury that does damage to the mouth, they can come in for an emergency visit. The dentist will check the teeth and see what problems have been caused, such as chipped teeth, a missing tooth, or other. They can then work to correct the problem.

Emergency Extraction: Those who have a damaged tooth or even an infected one may need an emergency extraction. This means the tooth will be pulled from the mouth, eliminating the pain or problems that were accompanying it. If the tooth is infected and is left in the mouth, it can start to damage other teeth surrounding it. It is better to get it removed quickly to stop the chances of that happening.

Whatever services are needed, an Emergency Dentist in Pomona will be able to meet the needs of their patients. Whether they need their tooth removed, had an injury to the mouth, require a dental implant, or need a chipped tooth repaired, the dentist will be able to take care of these things when the patient comes in for their emergency visit.

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