Steps to Take When You Have to See an Emergency Dentist in Croydon

Many dentists only work during the weekdays. Unfortunately, many dental emergencies happen on weeknights and during weekends. When there is a dental trauma, waiting to see a dentist during regular office hours can mean prolonged, agonizing pain and continued deterioration of dental tissue or teeth. For this reason, it’s imperative to see an Emergency Dentist in Croydon promptly after a dental emergency. To successfully preserve damaged dental tissue and teeth along with lessening any associated pain, there are some steps to take before you see the dentist.

If you have a tooth that has totally been knocked out of its socket, an Emergency Dentist in Croydon may be able to reattach the root or roots of a tooth to a nerve. First, pick up the tooth by its crown. The crown is the part you see above the gum line. Handling the tooth by dangling roots or dental tissue can further damage these tooth parts. Rinse the tooth under warm water. To keep from dropping a tooth down the drain, place a towel over the drain before rinsing the tooth. Avoid shaking the tooth to clean it. If there is debris attached to the tooth, gently move the tooth under water until this material loosens and falls. After you clean the tooth, place it back into its socket. When this is not possible, put the knocked-out tooth in a container of milk.

Some people accidentally crack or chip their teeth. This can result in damage to a tooth and dental tissue. Until you can see an emergency dentist, protect your dental tissue by placing cotton between the damaged tooth and the tissue. Before you do this, rinse with warm water to rid your mouth of food particles. You can take over-the-counter pain medication for associated pain.

Getting your tooth fixed right away after an emergency will increase your chances of preserving your tooth. This will help your dental health and appearance. A Teeth Whitening Dentist can also improve the looks of your smile by lightening your teeth to their natural color or lighter. Using theses services is a favorable way to have optimal dental health and a smile you will love.

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