Teeth Whitening in Bellingham, WA Can Brighten Both Yellow and Gray Teeth

by | Mar 26, 2015 | Dental Services

Patients often complain to their dentist about yellow and dingy teeth. They are usually very upset about they way they make their smile look. While yellow teeth can be whitened chemically, that’s often not the case with gray teeth. The two discolorations have different causes. Yellow teeth are usually caused by food and beverages while gray teeth are often caused by illness and medications.

A patient with yellow teeth can have their teeth whitened up to ten shades in just one 90-minute Teeth Whitening Bellingham WA visit. The dentist will clean their teeth to remove any plaque or debris. He then applies the whitening gel and activates it with a laser. After 15 minutes, the dentist checks the results. He can repeat the procedure up to three times.

Gray stains have to be physically covered to make teeth white again. If the teeth are healthy and have a thick layer of enamel, then the dentist will recommend veneers as a Teeth Whitening Bellingham WA technique. Veneers are thin shells that fit over the front of the teeth. They can be made from either resin or porcelain. If any of the discolored teeth are misshaped or have uneven gaps between them, the dentist can also fix these problems with veneers. Just the teeth that are discolored have to be covered with veneers. The dentist can match their color and shading to the adjacent teeth. View website for complete details.

Resin veneers can be made by the dentist in the office in just one visit. He can use a computer program and milling machine to easy create the resin veneers. Because they can be made in one office visit and don’t require a dental technician, they cost less. Porcelain veneers are sent to a dental laboratory and take at least two office visits. Therefore, they are more expensive. However, some people think they look more like natural teeth and are willing to pay the additional expenses. If the patient follows the dentist’s directions for caring for their veneers, they can last form many years.

Frere Smile Design is one of the dental practices in Bellingham that provide these teeth whitening treatments. Patients can visit their website (Freresmiledesign.com) to learn more about the practice.

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