Teeth Whitening Solutions: What to Expect

Discolored teeth aren’t an emergency by any stretch. However, if one or two of your front teeth are noticeably darker than the rest, then it could make you self-conscious. Want to stop feeling that way? Keep reading before you reach for teeth whitening products.

Some products may not work on you

There are plenty of teeth-whitening products you can use. But not all of them will be effective. In fact, due to several factors, products that may work on others may not work on you, and vice versa, Best Health says.

Your teeth may be sensitive

If your teeth happen to be more sensitive than others, you could end up with gum irritation or temporary sensitivity and pain in your teeth, depending on what product you buy. That’s not exactly what you sign up for when looking to improve your smile.

Ask your dentist

The best way to get effective results is simple: go to your dentist. Look for one that offers teeth whitening in Burlington. Your dental care provider will carefully assess the condition of your teeth and determine the cause of the problem. Once that’s done, your dentist will have a better idea of what’s causing the discoloration and how it can be resolved.

Pick the right option

There are plenty of solutions you can choose from. The most common is teeth-whitening treatment. You can also ask your dentist to put in veneers that can conveniently change the shape, color, and size of your teeth. With different solutions for teeth whitening in Burlington, you you should consult your dentist, weigh the pros and cons and make a decision that best suits your needs.

Teeth whitening won’t last forever

You will need to touch up your teeth after a while. That’s because results of the teeth whitening procedure only last for a few months. Unless you go for veneers, that won’t change a colour in time.

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