The Most Common Signs You Need a Root Canal Specialist in Baltimore, MD

A root canal refers to both the inner passages of the tooth and the procedure for removing infected material from the passages. Root canal procedures are often necessary to relieve pain associated with tooth decay, damage, and disease.

Tooth Pain and Increased Sensitivity

Tooth pain or increased sensitivity are signs that you need a root canal specialist. However, tooth pain can occur for a variety of reasons.

Pay attention to the details of the pain. This can include pain that changes when you alter your posture and pain that keeps you from sleeping. You may also notice a throbbing pain. These issues signal the possibility of an infection that may require a root canal specialist.

Gum Inflammation and Swelling

The tooth is not the only part of the mouth that can show signs of dental problems. Gum inflammation, tenderness, swelling, and infection are signs that you may need a root canal specialist in Baltimore, MD.

As with tooth pain, gum inflammation alone is not an obvious indicator that you need a root canal. The severity of the inflammation can provide cause for concern. You may notice a bad taste in your mouth due to the draining of infectious pus or localized pain near the root of a tooth.

Receive a Proper Dental Diagnosis

Schedule an exam as soon as possible and allow a dentist to evaluate your teeth. Work with a professional to decide on the best treatment. Look at to find a qualified dentist in the area. Dentists can also detect signs of a problem that people are most likely to miss.

If you are experiencing tooth pain, extreme sensitivity, or gum inflammation, you may require a root canal. Do not hesitate to schedule your next appointment and get a full checkup. Delaying treatment can lead to further tooth decay and the spread of infection to other areas of your mouth.


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