The Importance of Allowing the Dentist to Diagnose Your Tooth Pain

by | Dec 18, 2013 | Dentist

When you have tooth pain, it can feel overwhelming. A toothache can be unrelenting in giving you pain and the pain can often be difficult to bring under control. Many people attempt to control their dental pain by taking aspirin or Unsaid, only to find they are not helpful. Some even resort to using tooth pain gels and creams and still find little relief. When tooth pain strikes, it can have different causes. You could have a cavity, infection or even a tooth injury. This is why it is imperative you see the Dentist whenever tooth pain becomes constant or increases in severity.

What Causes Tooth Pain?

*     Cavities are normally the number one culprit for tooth pain. As a cavity invades the tooth, it begins eating away at the enamel. Once it has caused erosion in the enamel, it begins to enter the soft tissue of the tooth and causes the nerve to be exposed. Once the nerve becomes affected, the pain can become severe and unstoppable. This is why it is important to see your Dentist on a regular basis. Through preventative care and good oral hygiene habits, cavities can be avoided completely.

*     Infections are another reason people experience pain in their teeth. When an infection occurs in the tooth, it is called an abscess. Abscesses cause pain and swelling in the tooth area and jaw. As an abscess continues, it begins to affect the root and causes it to become inflamed, making the pain even worse. An infection in your tooth can quickly spread to other teeth and even the gums. If it enters the gums, it can also begin to affect the heart. If you have pain in your tooth, swelling in your jaw and a fever, you must get in to see your dentist right away.

*     Injuries are also a common reason for pain. When a tooth becomes cracked, broken or damaged in some way, it can cause the nerve to become irritated or even exposed. Any time a nerve is exposed, it can lead to excruciating pain. If you have injured your tooth, a dentist can repair it and stop further damage and tooth loss.




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