Three Benefits of Using Diagnostic Wax-ups for Restorative Dentistry in Lawrence, KS

by | Sep 22, 2017 | Dental Services

There are many different dental procedures that can be done to improve how your teeth look and function. Although some procedures may not need them, diagnostic wax-ups can be done to show you how your teeth will look once procedures such as putting on crowns are done. Here are three benefits of diagnostic wax-ups.

Helps Patients with Commitment

Some patients may be wary of some of the treatments that their dentists present them with when doing restorative dentistry in Lawrence, KS. Getting crowns, veneers, or bridges can be intimidating for some people, especially if other teeth need to be removed or changed so the procedure has a better chance of being successful. However, showing patients diagnostic wax-ups of how their teeth will look after the procedures can get more of them to commit to having the work done.

Provides Template for Dentists

A diagnostic wax-up allows dentists to see what they need to do for procedures to be successful. They can use the mock-up to figure out which teeth to prepare and how to prepare them so the results of restorative dentistry come out as the dentist and patient envisioned. The dentist can see exactly what to do on the wax-up before starting work on the patient’s teeth.

Alert Dentist to Problems

When the dentist uses a diagnostic wax-up to prepare for aesthetic restorations, it can alert the dentist to potential problems. Whether the issue is in the fabrication of the restoration or the application of it, he or she can avoid mistakes by practicing on the wax-up prior to working on a patient’s teeth. If you have questions about the restorative techniques that we offer, browse our website for more information.

Having a diagnostic wax-up done allows a dentist to find the best way to perform your chosen restorative dentistry procedure.

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