Understanding Dental Extraction in Idaho Falls, ID

by | Mar 23, 2018 | Dentist

Having teeth removed can be an uncomfortable but very necessary procedure that should only be performed by experienced dental professionals. Extraction can be relatively simple or require a mild surgical removal and there are many reasons that may lead to either scenario.

There Are Many Reasons for a Tooth Extraction

Patients will often notice when their teeth needs to be removed as this need is often associated with pain or obviously unhealthy teeth, such as ones that are loose or severely rotted out.

Other cases where a dental extraction is necessary may include the following:

• Tooth decay
• Gum disease
• Pericoronitis
• Moving teeth
• Overcrowding

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Tooth Extraction for Aesthetic Purposes

Other than pain relief and health concerns, patients can voluntarily opt to have their teeth removed and dental extraction in Idaho Falls, ID includes extraction for aesthetic purposes.

Perhaps you have a severely stained or misshapen tooth that you are dissatisfied with. While in many cases this can be a patient’s choice, occasionally severely stained or out-of-place teeth can pose a potential health concern as well.

What Happens After the Tooth Is Removed?

For those that don’t want to go on with a giant gap in between their teeth after a dental extraction, there are, of course, replacement options.

Filling in those gaps is relatively easy and dental implants are typically the chosen route. Implants, as opposed to dentures, are extremely secure and carefully crafted to be identical to the rest of your teeth, making them virtually undetectable.

Wisdom Teeth

Dental extraction is also a term used to describe the removal of wisdom teeth, in which case patients would not require implants.

If you are experiencing wisdom tooth pain but aren’t sure whether or not they need to be removed, you may want to make a dental appointment. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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