What An Emergency Dentist In Darby Can Do To Save A Knocked Out Tooth

by | Mar 22, 2014 | Dental Services

Accidents can happen and when you chip, break or lose one of your teeth, you need to see an Emergency Dentist in Darby as quickly as you can. The sooner that you can get to the dental office, the better chance you have of saving your tooth. Below you’ll learn what your dentist will do if you have injured a tooth.

Chipped or Broken Tooth – If you chip or break a portion of your tooth off, your General Dentist can easily repair the tooth for you. If the chip isn’t very big, the dentist may be able to file down the tooth so that the chip isn’t uneven. If there’s a big area that’s missing or broken off, your dentist may either apply a veneer or a crown to your tooth. A veneer is a thin coating that is placed on the front of your tooth to hide the chip. If the chip or break is larger, your dentist may prefer to place a crown or cap on your tooth to completely cover the imperfection.

Knocked Out Tooth – If your tooth gets knocked out, you shouldn’t panic as there’s a good chance that the Emergency Dentist in Darby can put your tooth back in and save it. Get to the dentist office as soon as possible and bring your tooth with you. It’s very important that you keep your tooth moist so that it has a better chance of reattaching to the bone. Carefully rinse your tooth off and place it inside your mouth next to your cheek or underneath your tongue. Just be careful and do not swallow your tooth while it’s in your mouth. The dentist will splint your tooth to the teeth beside it and in about one month, the tooth should reattach to the bone.

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