What Happens With Teeth Whitening in Glenolden?

by | Sep 7, 2013 | Dental Services

When you are suffering with stained and yellowed teeth, you do not feel like smiling as much and are ashamed of your appearance. Everyone suffers from stains and yellowing. As you get older, your teeth naturally begin to lose their whiteness. For some, this can happen earlier and be more pronounced, due to drinking wine, smoking, health conditions and medications.

When a patient goes in for teeth whitening, they first need to have their teeth cleaned. The cleaning process helps to remove some of the outer stains and removes the plaque and food particles that could keep the whitener from being able to penetrate the teeth. Without this important step, the whitener would not get past the plaque and you would not get the best results in your whitening process.

The next part of the treatment involves the dentist putting the whitening solution on the teeth. Some whiteners need to be activated with a special light. The light helps the whitener to begin the whitening process so that your teeth can become dramatically whiter. Click here

During the treatment, you will wear a special tray that goes over your teeth and helps to keep the whitener in place so that your saliva does not wash it away. Different whitening treatments last for different periods of time. Your dentist will carefully time your treatment so that your whitening solution stays on the proper length of time.

Once the whitener has done its job, the Teeth Whitening Dentist will make sure to rinse and suction all of the whitener from your mouth. You may also use a special rinse that helps to remove any traces that are left behind. Once the whitener has been removed, the dentist will brush your teeth and then will polish them. The polishing action brings out the brightness and whiteness of your teeth and makes them shine.

If you are tired of your teeth looking dull and yellow, check into Teeth Whitening in Glenolden. You will be amazed at how much better you will feel about your smile. With beautifully white teeth, you will be able to smile at the world again.

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