What makes dental implants the best choice for tooth replacement?

by | Oct 16, 2012 | Dentist

Have you lost precious teeth and want to replace them? Perhaps an unfortunate accident left you toothless. Dental implants in Mt. Kisco, NY are the best choice you have to replace lost teeth. Dental implants, in its form today, are a recent innovation. It consists of an artificial tooth, complete with a root that is permanently attached to the underlying bone. In contrast, dentures can be easily removed and replaced. For a successful dental implantation, the patient must have strong bones and gums as assessed by the dentist.

Type: Endosteal Implants
There are two general types of dental implants. Most of the implants today are implanted into the underlying bone structure. The term for this is endosteal or endosseous implant, meaning the implant is placed within the bone. Endosteal dental implants are of two types: root-form and blade. In the past, blade endosteal implants, which incorporate a flat blade into the bone, were common. Nowadays, root-form dental implants are most in-demand. There are various designs like screws and cylinders which anchor the implant by fusing with the bone.

Type: Subperiosteal implants
If the bone is too thin or the patient has significant risks, subeperiosteal implants are used instead. Unlike endosteal implants, which are rooted into the bone, subperiosteal implants are fitted above the exposed jaw bone. This may be due to jaw bones having insufficient height (receded) for proper drilling and anchorage, and limited number of oral accessory structures. Typically, this happens due to years of neglect that degrade the alveolar bone, and in effect causes the bone to lose density and have larger holes.

Saving the remaining teeth
One of the really useful benefits of implants in the long-term is preserving the alignment of remaining teeth. Few people take that into account when they quickly dismiss dental implants because of the high expenses. Leaving gaps between teeth leads to shifting and misalignment of the remaining teeth into the gap. Putting a rooted dental implant effectively prevents jaw bone disintegration and keeps shifting in check.

Confidence is probably the biggest benefit you can reclaim with dental implants. People will inadvertently judge you if you have missing teeth; and they will quickly pass you off as a poor hobo or hillbilly. For many different people, wearing dentures in the first few weeks is very uncomfortable, with problems in speech, chewing and drinking. They even have to re-learn these everyday functions. That’s not to mention the possibility of dentures falling out of place, risking wearers into a very ridiculous, unflattering situation. Plus, people with dentures can’t eat food often. People with dental implants in Mt. Kisco, NY rarely experience the problematic “breaking in period”, so you can go about your business when the implanted area heals completely.

Long-term Savings
Unlike other forms of tooth replacement like dentures and bridges, having a permanent sturdy fixture is a one-time investment. A typical disadvantage with dentures is the need for constant adjustments due to evolving oral structures. In fact, a new denture should be fitted every five years. Whereas, dental implants can last half a lifetime due to heightened resistance to breaking and chipping.

Dental Implants Mt. Kisco, NY – Missing your beloved teeth during events like accident or old age? Reconstruct your smiles with the use of high-quality endsotseal and subperiosteal dental implants in Mt. Kisco, NY. For more information, visit Precision Arts Dental Associates.

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