What To Do About Broken Teeth

by | Oct 4, 2016 | Dental care

No matter how carefully you try to prevent broken teeth, accidents can still happen. A fractured or broken tooth does not necessarily mean tooth loss if you take these steps to get you and your tooth to your dentist In Roseville area or elsewhere. If you cannot get a hold of your dentist and there is a lot of pain and blood, go to an emergency room.

What If There’s No Pain?
It is possible to chip, crack or break off a tooth and not feel any pain. Do not ignore this. See your Dentist In Roseville or elsewhere as soon as possible to minimize damage, prevent the nerves from being affected and causing substantial pain or eventual tooth loss.

Stop Bleeding
Any injuries to the head cause a significant amount of bleeding. Your first priority with a mouth injury is to stop the bleeding. First rinse the mouth with lukewarm or cool water. Bite down on a towel or a clean gauze patch to help stop bleeding. Tilt the head forward so the least amount of blood is swallowed.

Treat Pain and Swelling
After the bleeding is controlled, start working on controlling any swelling. Ice packs help, but do not place ice directly on the skin because it could cause a cold burn. Take over the counter painkillers for pain. Stronger painkillers can be taken as long as someone other than the injured person is doing the driving.

Handling the Tooth
Find the broken tooth or bit of tooth. Avoid touching the root. Do not remove or clean off any fleshy bits, as these will help the tooth reinsert into the gums. If working with a whole tooth, gently place in the empty socket hole in the gum. Gently bite down on gauze or a cold wet tea bag to help fix the tooth in the gums. If this is impractical or if there is only part of a tooth to work with, place it in a small container with milk. Take it with the injured person to the dentist. Even if the tooth seems to go right back in place, still go see your dentist.

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