What You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening in Aurora

by | Jun 3, 2014 | Dental Services

Having discolored teeth can be a great blow to a person’s self-confidence. People with this problem find it hard to speak in public. Some of the main causes of teeth discoloration include:

*   Poor dental hygiene especially lack of regular brushing
*   Taking water or using pastes that have too much fluoride
*   Smoking and taking too much coffee

The great news is that with modern dental care, it is possible to eliminate stained teeth and regain a beautiful smile. Here are a few of the things that you need to know about Teeth Whitening in Parlin.

The methods used

The dentist normally decides the method they are going to employ in the process of teeth whitening. The method that they use largely depends on the extent of discoloration. For instance, if your teeth are slightly yellow from the use of products with excess fluoride, they may recommend the use of whitening toothpaste. On the other hand, if the discoloration is a dark brown coating, methods such as micro-abrasions will be applied.

Choosing between home remedy and visits to the dental clinic

The first option for teeth whitening is getting bleaches and using them at home. The advantage of this is that you will not have to spend time with a dentist. On the other hand, the method takes quite some time before you can achieve any tangible results. The other option is taking time and getting an appointment with a dentist. The advantage of this method is that you will start seeing positive results as soon as your first visit to the dentist.

The effects of bleaching

Whitening teeth at times can lead to excessive tooth sensitivity. This means that you should only do the procedure when it is absolutely necessary to. Also, you should always contact a dentist before you start the process. A good general dentist will help you figure out the products and procedures that are safe for you.

Those are the most important things that you should know about Teeth Whitening Aurora. To get a dentist’s appointment or to get advice about the options that are available for you, go to www.Aberdeenfamilydental.com.

You can find more info by taking a look at Aberdeen Family Dental, and setting up a consult.

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