When to See Your First Child Dentist in Dallas, PA

by | Oct 24, 2017 | Dentistry

You need to establish good dental habits in your child as early as possible. The first time you take your child to a dentist can be something of a hassle, which is part of the reason why most dentists recommend that you take your child to a dentist early in their life. Doing so will help them develop a relationship with a child dentist and begin to get comfortable with the procedures. The first visit should take place around the one year mark or within about six months of the appearance of the first tooth.

The First Visit

The first visit to a child dentist in Dallas, PA typically does not involve much actual treatment. In some cases, the dentist will ask that the parents sit in the dental chair and hold the child to make them feel comfortable. In other cases, the dentist might actually ask the parents to wait outside so that the dentist and the child can develop a good rapport. They will check their teeth for signs of decay, look for signs that the teeth are coming in properly, and investigate different oral habits.

You should contact us if you’re concerned about anything. Thumb sucking, for example, is the subject of a lot of conflicting information. If you have questions, a professional is the one to ask.

The Subsequent Visits

The subsequent visits to a child dentist will involve dealing with any issues that might have been discovered during the first visit. Also, the dentist will investigate the progress of the teeth, which will give the dentist a good indication of how they are developing, and if your child’s habits are healthy for the development of strong teeth. They will then help you teach your child about how to take care of their teeth. That is the start of a lifelong relationship with a dentist and good hygiene practices.

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