Questions to Ask a General Dentist in Panama City Beach, FL

by | Nov 2, 2017 | Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry applies to the kind of dental procedures that affect the way your teeth look. These can be teeth-whitening or straightening procedures as well as some others. However, the other area of dentistry is general dentistry. This is the part of the field that concerns itself with the way your teeth function generally. A general dentist will clean your teeth, repair any damage, and inspect your teeth for risks of future damage. You’ll see this kind of dentist when you have a chipped tooth or when you just schedule a checkup appointment.


You should see a general dentist in Panama City Beach, FL every six months. However, this is a rule that dentists usually suggest and most people don’t bother going that often. In those cases, you should see a dentist at least once a year. That’s much more feasible for many people. When you go to the checkup, you should ask your dentist about any pain that you might be feeling. Pain in your teeth is not normal and needs to be addressed. Furthermore, you should ask about any blood that you see while brushing or concerns that you have about the future.

At the Business Name, you’ll be treated to personalized care that is based on your needs. Your practitioner will talk with you about your concerns and inspect your teeth.


An X-ray is absolutely essential from time to time. When you ask your dentist about your teeth, especially if asking about the future, the dentist might need to perform an x-ray. An x-ray will allow a general dentist to see below your gumline. So much of what affects your teeth occurs below the gums; an x-ray is the only way to see it happening. Be open with a dentist and ask about anything that you might be concerned about.

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