Why Dental Veneers are becoming the Most Sought-After Cosmetic Procedure

While most people think of teeth whitening when they think of cosmetic dentistry, there are many other procedures available. Dental veneers in Glenview are quickly becoming a highly popular procedure because they can fix a variety of issues. They can also be called porcelain laminates, but they are custom-made shells that are wafer-thin and composed of tooth-colored materials. They cover the front part of the tooth to improve its appearance. These shells are then bonded to your tooth and can alter the shape, size, color, and length.

Difference between Composite and Porcelain

You may hear of composite or porcelain veneers, and both are likely available from your dentist. While each one is suitable, porcelain tends to resist staining better and mimics how a natural tooth reflects the light. However, composite may be less expensive, so you might want to talk to your dentist about which one is best for you.

What They Treat

Veneers can be used for a variety of issues, including discolored teeth, teeth that have worn down too much, chips and cracks, misalignment, irregular shapes, too much space between the teeth, and more.

The Procedure

While each dentist does things differently, it can take up to three trips to the professional. The first visit is the consultation where you’ll discuss your concerns and find out how the veneer can help. The next visit takes a mold of the teeth so that the veneer is made correctly and the third visit is where the veneer is placed on the tooth. Sometimes, dentists can do the molding and placement in the same visit, depending on their resources.

Dental veneers in Glenview are the best way to hide a variety of imperfections, so visit Chicago Beautiful Smiles and learn more.


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