Why is Dental Care in California MD So Crucial?

by | Jan 25, 2018 | Dental Services

The acid in juices or sodas is known to be deadly to enamel. According to a 2013 ADA study, 30 percent of young adults show signs of enamel erosion. Even four acidic drinks a day can cause damage to the enamel.

The enamel, known as the protective covering of the tooth, becomes more permeable, which means that the tooth becomes more sensitive to cold and heat. Dental experts recommend refraining from brushing your teeth for at least half an hour, especially after eating fruit and acidic foods and drinks. As enamel acidifies, brushing your teeth immediately after acid consumption can damage and erode the teeth.

In toddlers, the constant drinking of juice can promote tooth decay. What other issues should be considered when trying to perfect Dental Care in California MD?

Is the patient using a hard toothbrush?

The wrong brushing technique, which means scrubbing violently, makes the toothbrush a weapon of sorts. Similar to consuming acidic drinks, this affects the teeth and causes damage to the enamel. Also, the question of the toothbrush used should be answered honestly, because hard brushes are bad for gums and teeth.

People can permanently injure the gums so bad that they start to recede.

Do you drink alcohol often?

Regular alcohol consumption affects the salivary glands and sometimes causes a very dry mouth. Cannabis also has an adverse effect on the salivary glands. Because saliva protects teeth from bacteria, decay bacteria are particularly mild in a dry mouth.

According to the American Cancer Society, about seven out of ten people with oral cancer are heavy drinkers and, thus, routine Dental Care in California MD is a must.

Have stress?

Those who are constantly stressed often have dental problems. This is especially the case when it comes to bruxism during sleep, which is due to an excessive stress load or a dental malfunction. In this case, the teeth lose their shape and are rubbed down into a smooth surface.

Another, albeit rarer, way of detecting stress is by looking at the inside of the cheeks. People who are stressed may bite their inside cheeks. This causes thickening and, later on, growths called stimulus fibromas. They have to be surgically removed because can become malignant. Browse us for more information.

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