Wisdom Teeth Removal and Your Emergency Dentist in Port Elizabeth

by | Oct 28, 2014 | Dental care

Most people begin to notice their wisdom teeth around the age of 20. You can receive a total of four wisdom teeth: two in the upper jaw and two in the lower jaw. Wisdom teeth get their name because you first get them when you are grown up. Wisdom teeth are of no great use, but they can cause problems. Over time, a man’s jaws become smaller, and the teeth do not wear as much. Therefore, there is often no room for wisdom teeth, meaning they can give rise to problems. When sudden issues arise, a trip to the Emergency Dentist in Port Elizabeth is your best bet.

When should wisdom teeth removed?

Some wisdom teeth never appear in the mouth, but will remain below the jaw. Such wisdom teeth may lie in the jaw for many years without harm. However, there are times where various problems associated with wisdom teeth arise. It is therefore a good idea to regularly get checked by the emergency dentist at Millville Family Dental. Often, there is only room for certain teeth to erupt into the mouth. If partially erupted wisdom teeth do not hurt, there’s no reason to remove them.

However, there may be inflammation of the gums around a partially erupted wisdom tooth. This is shown by pain, redness, swelling and difficulty opening the mouth. An Emergency Dentist in Port Elizabeth can treat the infection, but if the infection comes back, it will be necessary to remove the tooth. Sometimes, there may be a recessed gingival crevice between the wisdom tooth and the adjacent tooth. This is called periodontal disease.

There may also be a hole in the wisdom tooth or adjacent tooth (decay). In such cases, there may also be a need to remove the wisdom tooth. Rarely, teeth may develop a fluid-filled bladder, otherwise known as a cyst. A cyst in the jaw is usually harmless, but should be removed along with the wisdom tooth. If the cyst and wisdom tooth is not removed, a larger or smaller portion of the jaw being eroded, or teeth can be pushed out of position.

When a wisdom tooth is fully erupted, it can be pulled out by other teeth. If the tooth is only partially or fully broken, it is necessary to perform an operation to get it out. In this case, it may be necessary to seek a specialist in a general or Cosmetic Dentistry office. Click here, for more details.

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